National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park

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School Establishment

  • Created in accordance with the Science Park’s Article 10 of the Act for Establishment and Administration, jointly overseen by Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology (then National Science and Technology Council).

  • Approved on June, 1982 , the school was officially founded and started to operate on August, 1983.


  • To provide quality education for the children of the employees of the following institutions such as private enterprises in the Hsinchu Science Park, the academic and research institutes in the Greater Science Park Area and returning diplomats.

  • To cultivate bilingual and bicultural students, bilingual education is offered to those coming from oversea in an effort to assist them in either transferring to local system or going back later overseas.


Guided by the school motto: ''Integrity, Diligence, Innovation, and Excellence'', NEHS is committed to building a dynamic learning community that emphasizes intellectual curiosity, creative learning, collaboration, leadership and civic service. Through our rigorous academic programs, diverse extracurricular activities and volunteering opportunities, we aim to inspire each student to be a caring, creative and competent individual with a global perspective in pursuit of excellence.

School Overview

    • Comprised of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, and bilingual departments, NEHS is a K-12 school offering both national and international curriculum.

    • Occupying a spacious site of around 35.09 acres, NEHS serves approximately 2,700 students in roughly 100 or more classes, with around 270 faculty and staff members in service of which 230 of them are teachers.

School Features

A Five-Department School That Recognizes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Comprised of five distinct departments, NEHS celebrates each department’s differences yet cherishes the camaraderie, which makes our school such a unique and wonderful place for everyone.

A Creative Learning Environment That Encourages Each Student to Explore

We offer a rigorous yet rewarding academic program complemented by versatile extracurricular activities, sports clubs, music and art programs, and international events, thus enabling our students to develop their own learning pathways, build critical thinking skills and apply what they learn to real-life scenarios.

Development of School-Based Courses

To create a student-centered learning environment, our school-based curriculum is designed to bring joy and challenges to students through building essential literacy, promoting cross-curricular study, and fostering inquiry-based learning, in anticipation that each student will embrace a project for in-depth learning. At the high school level, other than core courses, electives that cover a wide variety of topics are offered for students to further investigate their interests and to explore their academic focus.

Implementation of Civic and International Education

Sufficient attention has been given to youth leadership development and service learning in civic education. In addition, we pride ourselves in designing and promoting international education, offering a wide array of programs, such as the Model United Nations conference, international tours and student cultural and academic exchanges.